Thomas Kingsmill Abbott

Thomas Kingsmill Abbott was an Irish scholar who wrote on Irish history and the philosophy of Immanuel Kant.

H.B. Acton

H.B. Acton (1908-1974) taught at Bedford College (London), the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Chicago; was editor of Philosophy, the influential journal of the British Royal Institute of Philosophy; and wrote, among other books, The Morals of Markets (1971; Liberty Fund, 1993) and The Philosophy of Language in Revolutionary France (1959).

John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Lord Acton

Lord Acton (1834-1902) was one of the great historians of the Victorian period and one of the greatest classical liberal historians of all time. His theme was “the history of liberty” and even though he was never able to complete his magnum opus of that name he did write numerous essays, book reviews, and lectures. He also was the inspiration behind the multi-volume Cambridge Modern History.

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Thomas Kingsmill Abbott
H.B. Acton
John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Lord Acton
Abigail Adams
Charles Francis Adams
Henry Adams
John Adams
John Quincy Adams
Joseph Addison
Jonathan H. Adler
Mortimer J. Adler
Thomas Ahnert
K Narayanaswami Aiyar
Mustafa Akyol
Armen A. Alchian
Lucie Alden
Jean Le Rond d’ Alembert
Alexander the Great
Rev. B.H. Alford
Maulvi Muhammed Ali
Syed Nawab Ali
William Richard Allen
William Barclay Allen
William Talbot Allison
Robert Alter
Johannes Althusius
John Alvis
Elizabeth Amato
Fisher Ames
Rasmus B. Anderson
Charles M. Andrews
Saint Anselm
National Anti-Corn Law League
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
Joyce Oldham Appleby
St. Thomas Aquinas
Arthur John Arberry
David Armitage
Thomas Henry Arnold (the younger)
Nigel Ashford
Sir William James Ashley
Robert Ashton
Saint Francis of Assisi
Edward Atkinson
Saint Augustine
Octavian Caesar Augustus
Edward Aveling
Averroes (Ibn Rushd)
Manuel Ayau
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